Fall is the best time of year for portraits!


1. Cooler weather

Hello sweater weather! Standing in front of a camera is more enjoyable when you're not sweaty.

2.  Fall Colors!

The leaves are so colorful!

3. Playing in leaves is fun!

The excitement of  young children, a few photos of them throwing leaves can be extremely cute!

Family pictures of everyone playing in the leaves are just downright fun.

4. Long sleeves make for the best portraits!

Eyes go where skin shows. So if you want the attention on your face and not on your arms, I always recommend

wearing long sleeves. You can draw all of the focus on your family's faces without everyone complaining about

how hot it is.

5. Blue jeans you say!

Fall is the perfect time for your favorite pair jeans! Dark jeans are the best for outdoor family portraits--they aren't distracting, they cover your legs so viewer's eyes aren't drawn down away from your face, and they go with just

about anything!

6. You have more clothing options!

In the fall you can wear many layers! Jackets, sweaters, tall socks, boots... there's so many ways to mix and match!

And so many textures and colors you can use to add variety to your family's outfits!

7. Coordinating colors is easy!

COORDINATE YOUR OUTFIT COLORS! Basically, you want everyone in your family pictures to be wearing colors

that all go together so everyone looks unified and your clothes aren't a distraction. In the fall clothing tends to be

a bit darker and more neutral, making it easier to find pieces that go well in family portraits.

8. Lighting is gorgeous!

One of the most important things for a great family photo is the lighting. In the summer, the sun gets really high in

the sky and can be pretty harsh. During the fall, the sun starts getting lower in the sky, making for better lighting in

the afternoons. In the fall, it's easy to get that warm, glowy look. Plus, who doesn't love the look of the sun shining

through the autumn leaves?