8 Reasons To Take Photos


1.      They Boost Kids Self Esteem

Family photos can create a sense of belonging. Knowing they are a part of a family, which is captured and framed. Seeing togetherness and a strong bond in the family is healthy for children emotionally and mentally. Pictures on your phone can’t substitute for this, it can’t match up to that feeling when they see their pictures up there on the wall.

2.      Family Photos are fun

Family photos do not just have to be fun when it’s someone’s birthday, a special event, or a ceremony, you can choose to get all formal the next time. Nowadays, you can easily get creative and fun with outstanding family portrait ideas. Picking out family clothes, and beautiful locations like your favorite park, zoo, or sports field.

3.      They Make Wonderful Interior décor

Family photos are more than just for show. Have you ever visited a friend and seen their hallway lined up with family portraits of various years until you enter into the main room, then you know what I’m getting at! It gives you a sense of the bond everyone has for each other and how the family has changed over the years. What’s more, they make for beautiful, eye-catching wall art! They are one of a kind artworks that can be found nowhere else in the world except in your very own home.

4.      Family Photos Can Become Generational Memories.

It's not just for you it's your family's legacy you are building. Family photographs can last for generations when done with suitable materials and by an experienced photographer like Tom Gibbs Photography. These heirlooms can be passed down through generations that show and tell a story about the family to the younger ones and generations to come. This does not restrict family photographs to just celebrity families; everyone can have one done.  They also help your family recognize distant relatives and extended family members when you share these photos.

5.      Life Gets Busy

Life happens. You never know when the last chance for a family photo will come. 

We get so busy in our everyday lives that we fail to recognize the ones close to us until they are gone or out of reach. When memories are all you have, a family photo is your best way at bringing back those good times. They are a connection to the past while remaining in the present. Whatever the case may be, a family photo helps remind you and every other member of the family how it felt with them around and how happy it made you, just like the smiles in that family portrait.

6.      They Help Create Memories

If you are looking for a great way to create family memories, it is with a family photograph. It’s a fact that families who have family photo ideas have a way of coming together when it is that time to create a family portrait better than the last. The process and activities create an avenue for memories to be made. So when they say a picture tells a thousand and one stories, it is true with a family portrait. Family members come together to pick fun outfits and great locations which would most likely include some shopping, traveling, family trips, and lots of beautiful memories.

7.      Family Photos Build a Family Bond.

If there is one thing most important to families, the bond ties them all together. Holiday photo sessions should not be the only time bonds are made stronger with fun times and fun moments. Family photos are a great way to bring everyone together from different parts of the world in one loving place and recreate fun times, fun moments and strengthen the family bond.

8.      Kids Grow up Fast

Kids grow up to fast. We all know this to be true. When you get photos taken every year you are

documenting the growth and development of your family.